Types of Rental Tents

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A tented party provides a unique experience and a lot of options while protecting your guests from weather conditions that might influence your outdoor party.

For those who don’t know, a tent serves as an empty slate that enables you to be creative and transform your party into anything that you want. This offers you more flexibility than you would at a venue. Festival tents Windsor can be fully tailored with lighting, flooring, and draping. Whatever the special event might be – weddings, family reunions, graduation events, festivals, backyard BBQs – there’s tent rental that will suit your needs.

Here are the 3 common types of rental tents.

Clear Span Tents

This type of tent is the ideal choice for weather-tight parties since they can endure rain, strong winds, and severe weather conditions. It offers a permanent feel. This makes it perfect for long-term installations. Here are some of the benefits of a clear span tent:

  • Generates a completely memorable party
  • More interior selections to pick from
  • Rafters can accommodate complicated AV and lighting systems
  • Unobstructed interior space usage
  • Excellent for long-term use

A Century or Pole Tent

A lot of professionals suggest renting a century or pole tent if you’re hosting a bigger party. Century tents and pole tents are tensioned tents. These tents are supported by stakes that can be located every 10-feet around the tent’s perimeter. A 60-feet wide century pole tents include a double row of center poles. These poles can be located every 30-feet down the middle of the tent. On the other hand, 40-feet wide pole tents have a single row of center poles. You can locate this pole every 20-feet down the middle of the tent. These poles produce high peaks that enhance the overall design of the tent. Pole tents are installed into asphalt or grass. Also, they can’t be weighted.

Here are a couple of benefits of a pole tent:

  • Available in bigger sizes
  • Aesthetically pleasing because of the high peaks
  • A more economical choice

Frame Tents

This type of tent is spacious. It also offers flexible layout selections since they don’t have any obstructions or center poles. The structure is made of steel pipes or aluminum that supports the roof. The roof is made of fabric. This unique fabric doesn’t need stakes to maintain the right tension. This enables flexibility in the tent’s placement. For instance, a frame tent is an ideal choice if you want to install a tent close to a structure, house, or building. In addition to that, if staking into the asphalt or grass isn’t an option, frame tents are also versatile. To secure safely the tent, a frame tent can be weighted using cement ballasts. Tent weighing is an excellent choice because of the costs. However, you should only do this if there’s no way to stake the tent.

Here are a couple of benefits of a frame tent:

  • A better choice for ceremonies
  • More flexibility with the floor plan and layout
  • More visibility inside the tent because of the lack of center poles.

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