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Car Maintenance Job You Must Do During Fall

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Once fall season sets in, it indicates that summer season is almost over and the days are about to get shorter and cooler as you go over the winter months. This will serve as the ideal chance for you to perform some regular car maintenance provided that we have changing seasons, which poses different effects on our automobiles. To help you out, below is a list of task of car maintenance that should be on your checklist this fall:

Change your oil

Your oil level might be fine as of now, however, the cold weather can make it more prone to freezing as the engine begins to be neutrally colder. Hence, you have to be lubricated well to keep your car in great condition for the upcoming cold months.

Guarantee that your defrosters and heaters are working

Your heaters will be switched on more frequently both in the fall and winter seasons. Thus, always inspect you to verify whether they are still functioning well, particularly if you have never switched it on over the summer. Likewise, you also need to inspect your defrosters to make sure if they work perfectly because having a frozen windshield would be the last thing you want.

Inspect your lights

If you have not inspected all your lights before the summer ends, then now is the best time to do it. Fall indicates you’ll have longer nights and shorter days, hence, expect to use your lights often. That’s why you should really guarantee that they all function—especially the taillights, emergency lights, brake lights, and headlights.

Inspect your battery

The combination of utilizing heaters more frequently and colder weather means that the battery of your car is undergoing more strain during the fall. So, it would be a great idea to have your battery checked or replaced if needed. Moreover, clean the connections to make sure that they are connected properly.

Inspect your tires

Tires require to be in good shape for winter and fall since the conditions of the roads are more dangerous. So, you must inspect the treads for signs of wearing and replace it if needed. Also, don’t forget to inspect your vehicle’s pressure levels and fill them with air when they’re low.

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When to Trim the Trees in Your Landscape

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Professional and reliable tree care service providers recommend having the trees in your landscape trimmed or pruned every three to five years but knowing when to trim or prune may differ depending on their age, species, aesthetic appeal, and environmental factors. As a matter of fact, the best way to determine if the trees in your landscape require to be pruned or trimmed is to check them a bit closer and their branches as well.

That is the reason why hiring a professional and experienced Dallas landscaper is important to help you identify. The following are some of the best care tips for determining when to trim or prune your trees:

1. Broken Tree Branches

Broken or limp tree branches are usually caused by extreme weather conditions such as snow and wind. Having said that, they can be extremely dangerous since they can fall unexpectedly as well as injure animals and people near them. That is also the reason why it is very essential to have them removed immediately. And because tree branches break during storms, it is still a great idea to check them after or have a professional and experienced tree care service provider assess and evaluate the trees if you are not sure of their safety and health.

2. Crossed Branches

Tree branches can actually become crossed when it has not been trimmed or pruned in a while. That causes them to rub up against or touch each other, causing damages to the exterior portion of the tree bark, hence, exposing the inner wood of the tree branch. Furthermore, those open wounds attract unwanted fungi, disease and insects. Once they are infected, these portions can actually spread causing the tree to be sick. If you see crossed branches, it is very essential for you to have them pruned or trimmed immediately by a professional and experienced tree care service provider before further damages occur.

3. Branch Density

The flow of air through the canopy of the tree is very important to preventing unwanted diseases and keeping it healthy as well. If the canopy of your tree becomes too dense, the flow of air also becomes limited, which cause it to remain wet after a storm, and that can result to the development and growth of fungi. Aside from that, the tree is likely to catch the strong wind during a storm, that can cause damage to it. If you cannot see through the tree canopy when it is fully leafed, it is too dense. That makes it a major safety hazard which requires to be addressed as early as possible.

4. Deadwood

While deadwood is usually found in most trees, clusters or large amounts of it is an indication that your tree requires to be trimmed or pruned. During summer, it can be much easier to locate deadwood due to the lack of foliage. In order to help determine deadwood, look for places without branches or leaves which are a different texture and color than the other live branches of the trees.

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